University Heights, Iowa

Application for Driveway Construction Permit

The property owner is required to submit an Application for Driveway Installation whenever they want to install or replace a driveway on their property.  The property owner is not permitted to install or replace a driveway until they have received the approved permit from the City Engineer (Josiah Bilskemper, (319) 354-3040), c/o Shive-Hattery, Inc., 2834 Northgate Drive, Iowa City, IA  52245).

As part of the Application process, the applicant (the company or individual doing the construction) is required to submit a scaled plot plan in duplicate to the City Engineer.  In consideration of granting of the Driveway Construction Permit hereby petitioned for, the Property Owner(s) hereby agrees that if such permit is granted he or she will comply with the appropriate City Ordinances of the City of University Heights.  The owner also agrees to preserve the established lot lines and notify the City Engineer when completed.  This agreement shall be binding upon the owner(s), their successors and assigns.

Date of Application:
Applicant's Name:
Applicant's Address:
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Property Owner's Name:
Property Owner's Address:
Property Owner's Telephone:
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Location / address of Construction:
Driveway Material Type:
Driveway Material Thickness:
Attach files (if any)
By submitting this application, the applicant hereby certifies that all of the information in this application is correct and true, that he or she is the owner or has permission of the owner to perform the work herein described. Yes


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