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The most common form of city government in Iowa is the mayor-council form and that is the type of structure in place for the City.  The number of council members elected at large in the mayor-council form of government must be an odd number but not less than five.  University Heights utilizes five council members with each member chairing a particular committee or being a member of a committee.  The mayor is not a member of the council and therefore does not have voting powers at the council meetings.

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University Heights Mayor

  Louise From
207 Monroe Street

Term Expires 12/31/19

University Heights City Council

  Nick Herbold
1250 Melrose Avenue

Term Expires
  Dotti Maher
60 Marietta Avenue

Term Expires 12/31/19

Virginia Miller
7 Glencrest Dr.

Term Expires 12/31/19

  Liesa Moore
220 Koser Avenue

Term Expires 12/31/19
  Silvia Quezada
416 Ridgeview Avenue

Term Expires 12/31/19

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