Posted on: November 13, 2023

Snow Season

White snowflake on dark blue background.

Things to keep in mind when snow falls:

  • Property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from the public sidewalk within 24 hours of accumulation. 
  • The entire width of the sidewalk must be cleared down to the concrete. The property owner is liable for accidents due to failure to clear sidewalks.
  • The sidewalk extension/curb ramp leading to the street must also be cleared.
  • The City has the authority to remove snow/ice from sidewalks not cleared within the 24-hour period and to charge the cost to the property owner without prior notification.
  • Persons are prohibited from placing snow/ice onto the property of another or onto public property. Persons are also prohibited from moving snow/ice across a street to deposit it onto the other side. Notify your snow removal contractor of this.
  • Do not blow or shovel snow into the street.


  • Angle your snowblower chute so snow is deposited in your yard, not in the street or in a neighbor’s yard.
  • Treat your driveway and sidewalk with ice melt before precipitation begins if temperatures are expected to drop below 10 degrees. This will help prevent the snow/ice from freezing to the pavement and it will be easier to remove.
  • Avoid parking on the street when snow is expected so snowplows can more effectively clear the street.
  • Keep fire hydrants cleared of snow. If you or your neighbors suffer a house fire, it is critical that the fire department can quickly locate and access hydrants. 
  • Keep storm drains cleared of snow to help prevent flooding when temperatures rise above freezing.
  • Barrels placed around town contain a mixture of sand and salt. 

Related ordinances:


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