Posted on: January 21, 2020

Snow Removal

Sidewalk cleared of ice and snow.

Some things to keep in mind when snow is in the forecast:

  • Property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from the public sidewalk next to the street within 24 hours of accumulation. The entire width of the sidewalk must be cleared down to the concrete. The property owner is legally liable for accidents due to failure to clear sidewalks.
  • The City has the authority to remove snow/ice from sidewalks not cleared within the 24-hour period and to charge the cost to the property owner without prior notification.
  • Property owners are prohibited from removing snow/ice from their property and placing it on the property of another or on public property, and are also prohibited from pushing, transporting, or carrying snow/ice across a street to deposit it on the other side.

Tips to help make winter a little easier for everyone:

  • Do not blow or shovel snow into the street. The snow will end up in your driveway again when the snowplow comes by (and doing so is a violation of Ordinance 97). Angle your snowblower chute so snow is deposited in your yard.
  • When snow is on the way and temperatures are expected to drop below 10 degrees, treat your driveway and sidewalk with ice melt beforehand. This will help keep the snow from bonding to the pavement, and it will clean off easier without creating a layer of ice at the bottom.
  • Avoid parking on the street when snowfall is expected so snowplows can effectively remove the snow.
  • Consider clearing snow away from storm drains and fire hydrants near your property.
  • Sand and salt barrels are placed around town for resident use.

Snow removal ordinances:

  • Ordinance 82 (PDF) - Removal of accumulations of snow and ice from sidewalks and assessing the costs thereof against the abutting property owner.
  • Ordinance 97 (PDF) - Snow removal from sidewalks and driveways.

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