What are the acceptable methods to repair my sidewalk?

Acceptable methods depend on the repair type marked on the inspection report. The Sidewalk Repair Specification and Details (PDF) outline the allowable repair methods. The recommended repair method is removal and replacement for all types; however, other options are as follows:

  • Types B, C, D and F must be removed and replaced. It is recommended to dowel the new squares into the adjacent squares to prevent movement of the new squares.
  • Type A may be removed and replaced, mudjacked, or ground if the square is structurally sound and there are no cracks or missing pieces. For grinding, be sure to grind to a level surface at least 18 inches (more if elevation difference necessitates) back from vertical edge, creating a uniform, level transition with a textured finish from one panel to another. Mudjacking can be completed provided that it does not create a cross-slope greater than 2%, and does not result in ponding water.
  • Type E may be removed and replaced, sealed (only if separation is 1 inch or less), or possibly realigned. If sealing, remove all vegetation and debris from the sidewalk joint, place exterior sealant (product manufactured for this application) within separation to provide smooth, firm, stable, slip-resistant surface. If a panel is out of alignment with the rest of the sidewalk, the panel can be relocated back in alignment if the square is structurally sound and there are no cracks or missing pieces.

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