Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management Program 

To provide flood control for residents, street intakes and storm sewer pipes are designed to convey stormwater to the local waterways (i.e. streams, rivers, and lakes) at a rate fast enough to prevent this water from ponding on streets and yards.

To comply with federal regulations, University Heights continues to implement a stormwater management program which takes into consideration the quality of stormwater runoff by using practices that reduce the discharge of pollutants often found in stormwater. The program is designed to protect water quality, and satisfy the appropriate requirements of the Clean Water Act.

Stormwater Intake Watch

If you live near a stormwater intake, help the City protect water quality by keeping it open and free of debris. To report an intake issue, submit a blocked stormwater intake form or call the city clerk at 319-541-9230.